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Exede Internet Usage Plans: Data Caps and Unlimited Data

Exede satellite Internet service is like all American satellite Internet providers in that it must comply with federal government regulations concerning data caps. The federal government has put data caps in place in order to allow fair access to the Internet for all satellite Internet customers. Therefore, Exede customers need to be aware of how much data they have each month and how much they have used at any time. Luckily Exede makes it easy to monitor usage and also delivers consistently fast speeds up to 12 Mbps no matter which plan you choose so you can always get the most out of your time online.

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Data Allowances

Every month you start with your total data allowance on the first day of your cycle. Every upload and download you do is counted against your data allowance. However, Exede Internet provides an easy to use usage meter on customer accounts, so you can monitor exactly how much data you have used at any given time, allowing you to alter your usage or schedule it differently. If you use up your entire data allowance, your Internet access is slowed down, restricted or even suspended for the remainder of your billing cycle. However, overages never count against the next month's data allowance.

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Data Tips

Knowledge and planning can help you greatly when it comes to managing your data usage. Knowing which activities consume the most data is critical so you can limit such activities or schedule them during the exclusive Exede Late Night Free Zone. Every night for 5 hours, you have completely unmetered access to the Internet. Scheduling high data usage activities for this time will save you tremendously on your data allowances. Some of the heaviest uses of data include:

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