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The time has finally come to change how users in North Dakota experience the Internet. No matter where you live in North Dakota, you can say goodbye to annoyingly slow DSL, wireless Internet and dialup. With Exede satellite Internet in North Dakota, you can get speeds of up to 12 Mbps, even if you are in the most remote areas. Today's internet demands speed and Exede delivers, so you get to enjoy every advantage the Internet has to offer.

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For the past two years Exede satellite Internet has topped the FCC Measuring Broadband America report when it comes to meeting or surpassing its promised speeds. This study compared Exede with other Internet service providers, even those big names that operate exclusively in urban areas. Exede consistently outperforms when it comes to delivering on its advertised speeds, making it a highly trusted option in Internet service in North Dakota.

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Exede has the fastest Satellite Internet Speeds in North Dakota

Thanks to the innovations Exede brings to North Dakota, users now can enjoy high speed Internet regardless of where they live. Remote, rural regions of North Dakota even have high speed access to online shopping, browsing the web, streaming music and video, email, social media and more. Exede revolutionizes Internet speed and access for all Americans. See how Exede satellite Internet in North Dakota can change the online world for you. Call today and speak to one of our high speed Internet specialists to get started.

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